About Us

About ServiceMaster of Kingston, Belleville and Trenton

We set the stage so tomorrow can happen

For twenty five years ServiceMaster Clean of Kingston, Belleville and Trenton has served a variety of commercial cleaning clients in our local communities. From convenience stores to day-care centres, shopping malls to hospitals, we are there to keep you looking your best. 

When a grocery store owner told us  "I want my floors to look like diamonds", he was so thrilled with the results, he now refers to us as “The Shinologists"    

Our cleaning crews are truly dedicated and firmly believe in providing the best level of service to customers.  They know that the better they do their jobs, the more it is likely that no one will know they were there.  A clean facility doesn't get noticed immediately, but it is felt in the morale of the people who work in it and the confidence it brings to those who visit for business. When the architects, designers and engineers all leave a new building, the most significant impact anyone will have on that facility in the next ten to twenty years is from the cleaners.  

Quality service, superior systems and outstanding results, provide you with long term peace of mind to allow you to do what you do well.