ServiceMaster of Kingston, Belleville and Trenton recognizes the contributions of Samantha Williams


Samantha Williams has been proudly serving the customers of ServiceMaster of Kingston, Belleville and Trenton since January of 2019 – all with a perfect attendance record … not a single day missed!  Samantha is not simply an essential employee for us, she is a true ambassador of our business and most definitely an EVERYDAY HERO!


As a Day Cleaner at a facility that contains both government and private industry, Samantha regularly shows her consistent exemplary work ethic of going “above and beyond”!  Housed within the facility is an agency that assists local homeless individuals and drug users.  Samantha never hesitates to jump right in to help clean biohazards (blood, feces, etc) that she may come across … all without a word of complaint!  She simply dons the appropriate PPE as she was trained and cleans up.  Samantha also follows all the protocols by notifying the landlord as well as our management. 


Samantha’s work ethic has also been noted by the clients she serves!  In fact, one client, the Senior HR Coordinator of CMC Microsystems recognized Samantha for helping when their offices had had some flooding occur as well as always being available whenever extra cleaning is requested!


We are proud and fortunate to have Samantha on our team and we are so very pleased to recognize her for the diligence and work ethic she brings to her work each and every day! 


“Thank you, Samantha, for being a true ambassador for our business!

You are most certainly our EVERYDAY HERO!”