ServiceMaster of Kingston, Belleville and Trenton recognizes the contributions of Jeff Code


Jeff Code has been proudly serving the customers of ServiceMaster of Kingston, Belleville and Trenton since January 2021.  Having joined us in the midst of a global pandemic certainly had its challenges, but Jeff not only rose to them but out shone any challenge that has been thrown at him.  This is why Jeff is not simply an essential employee to us, he is a true ambassador of our business and most definitely our EVERYDAY HERO!  


As a van route cleaner, Jeff serves two key customers, CANEX Kingston Supermart as well as Community Living Kingston and District.  Jeff’s professionalism and upbeat attitude is a joy to work with as he starts each shift with a bright smile and kind word for not only his co-workers but everyone he comes across, including our customers’ customers at the CANEX Mall!  Both clients whom Jeff serves have contacted us to give Jeff glowing feedback!  In fact, Heather Decloux, Base Manager at CANEX commented, "Jeff is hardworking, reliable and always takes a minute to say hello and ask if anything extra needs to be done."


While Jeff has only been with us for a year, he has already proven himself to be not just a member of our team but an important member of our ServiceMaster family!  His smile not only brightens our day but also brightens the day of all he comes across!


“Thank you, Jeff for bringing your infectious smile to ServiceMaster! 

You are most certainly our EVERYDAY HERO!”